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Penis discharge smell

Some probable causes of a smelly penis are described here: This pasty substance is a haven for bacteria, which tend to thrive and reproduce in warm, moist areas like this, perpetuating the foul odor. Cleaning this material away on a daily basis can help control the fishy smell, not to mention decrease the risk for inflammation, soreness and damaged skin; on the other hand, men should wash gently, never forcing back the sheath to get at it. Yeast infection — Men are just as likely as women to develop a Candida yeast infection in the warm, dark pelvic reason, and this is another common cause of stubborn, fishy penis odors.
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Discharge from the penis

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smell around penis even when washed? -Doctors Lounge(TM)

If you have always been experiencing any form of discharge immediately after sex, it is usually for either healthy or unhealthy reasons but I must tell you honestly that in most cases there will usually be a discharge. When you engage in stimulating foreplay with your husband, there is usually a tendency before you engage in sex, the vagina is well lubricated with a slippery and watery discharge that make sexual experience more pleasurable and sometimes this discharge continues to be secreted even after sex. Just like males, females usually ejaculate and it is usually called arousal fluid. This happens when a female is so sexually aroused and a small gland in the vagina reacts to these sensations and produces a watery fluid called the female ejaculate fluid. This fluid sometimes bursts out like a urine spray.
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What to do about a smelly penis

May 12, Reviewed by: I am the one that gives him his bath , and mostly change his diapers every day but I never do anything specific to clean his penis. Do you have any recommendations? Little boys often have a very different sense of hygiene than their mothers.
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General[ edit ] Normal vagina and cervix during a medical speculum exam demonstrating IUD strings at the opening of the cervix and normal milky white vaginal discharge on the vaginal walls, cervix, and pooled in vaginal fornix. Normal vaginal discharge is composed of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, shedding vaginal and cervical cells, and bacteria. In fact, they can protect the individual from other infectious and invasive bacteria by producing substances such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide that inhibit growth of other bacteria. This engorgement of blood vessels increases the volume of transudate from the vaginal walls.
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